Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Relinquish Control

The state our country is in did not occur overnight. Blindly, people hear the word 'universal' or 'global' and see it as a good thing. We've elected a president who lacks experience and credibility but his shady associations don't even raise an eyebrow with voters. Our stock market is crashing, our taxes are increasing, and our social programs keep growing. Americans are too dependent on handouts while at the same time being bankrupted further increasing each individual's dependency on big government. You know what happens when you let big government make all your decisions for you? You are controlled. This is the Land of the Free but soon we won't be free to make our own decisions.

Check out the post GLOBAL SOCIALIST DOMINATION on valsword (a must read!):


Chuck said...

We need to be real concerned about the latest move to internationalize us.

EatYourOkra said...

Chuck, I agree. I don't believe that Obama wants to fix the economy. I think he wants to control business and control the people after he breaks them with inflation and taxation. All this is his mission to socialism/dictatorship disguised as fixing the economy.