Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Day Press Conference

Fox has decided not to air today's Presidential Press Conference and every numb nut out there is screaming from the rafters about how Fox isn't "fair and balanced". Helllllloooo! Fox News uses the "fair and balanced" logo and they are being just that by airing the Press Conference. Fox made the decision based on loss of ad revenue during Sweeps Week. They are still making it available on Fox News and Fox Business.

And for all those comments out there I've seen about how Republicans would have thrown a fit blah blah blah if a major network didn't carry a speech by George W. Bush, well it happened. Do your research. Fox didn't carry a Prime Time speech of GWB back in 1991.

I do find it funny that in place of the press conference, "Lie To Me" will be shown instead. And to further lighten the mood on the ridiculous accusations spewed at Fox over this, I leave you with this (click on to see all of the joke):

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