Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Sides To Every Story

Since when is it not okay to defend one's country and the people within its borders? I ask this question because every time I turn on the news the media is telling me about the atrocities that Israel imposes upon its neighboring countries. I don't see or read with the same fervor by the media the attacks on Israel. I don't see the bleeding hearts out on street corners with their signs protesting the terrorist acts against Israel.
If one of our neighboring countries were attacking us on a regular basis, wouldn't we want our military forces to protect us? Why shouldn't Israel be allowed to do the same without the world tsk tskng them for their actions? But they've killed innocent civilians you argue. When Hamas fights from the mosques and hospitals of Palestinian civilians they are putting civilians at risk. Where is the tsk tskng of Hamas for putting their civilians in harms way?
Lest, you've forgotten like the media:

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2 Conservative Women said...

The liberal MSM has always been sympathetic to the Palestinian terrorists and anti-Israel. It's about time Israel fought back, and I hope they get the job done for once and for all!

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