Friday, January 23, 2009

Repeal of English Only For Iowans?

Just yesterday the citizens of Davidson County of Tennessee voted on enacting English Only within their county. The English only debate has now moved to Iowa. Former Governor Tom Vilsack (D) signed in to law restricting the official use of languages other than English. Now current Governor Chet Culver (D) wants the law repealed and a bill has been introduced to do just that. Culver has always opposed the law. While campaigning for the governorship he promised to push for repeal of the English-only law.

Points For and Against Repealing the Law
that have been brought up are:

For- to allow voter registration forms in other languages besides English
Against- millions of dollars will be spent to include bilingual road signs across the state
A couple of Democratic Presidential hopefuls quotes, on the subject, while campaigning in Iowa:
"You're going to have to learn English." - Hillary Clinton promising to crack down on businesses that employ illegal immigration and addressing immigrants that are here.
"I think they ought to learn to speak English." - Jon Edwards when asked what criteria someone should have to meet to earn legalization.

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