Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Causes Me Great Concern (as it applies under the new presidency)

  • Spreading the wealth
  • Higher payroll, dividend, and income taxes
  • Taxpayer funding of abortion through Medicaid
  • Universal health care and employer mandates
  • The enforcement of bilingual education in public schools
  • National ID cards
  • A civilian army
  • The World Bank
  • One World Government
  • The Fairness Doctrine
  • Allowing convicted felons to vote
  • Taking secret ballot voting away in the workplace concerning Unions


Red Dakini said...

i'll add peak oil to that list!

dmarks said...

"Taxpayer funding of abortion through Medicaid"

He also plans to throw another bone to the abortion industry by making sure family planning aid money going overseas is used to encourage abortions. Right now, that is banned.